My other projects

Although my 1936 project is still my priority, in the meantime I am also busy with a couple of other projects.

1922 H2

This is how it came to me. Quite a few rare bits were missing like the original BSA carburettor, the handlebars, foot boards, rear brake pedal to name a few. I have made some progress and I have been able to get it running, but there is still a long way to go.

W33-9 Special

This bike belonged to a friend of mine, who has passed away unfortunately. I was able to buy 2 of his projects and all of his parts. It is sad that he has not been able to finish this project. It was half built when I got it and by now I have taken the build a little further. I am now in the process of making new parts for it.


I found this J34-11 in France. It was fitted with a 1936 engine. It did start but it didn’t run well. So I took it apart thinking I would restore this on the go. Of course as usual, this took way longer than anticipated because I had to repair a lot of damage caused by previous owners. I am still looking for correct crankcases. I found the correct open valve top ends but these need repairs. The frame is in primer awaiting a dry build.

1940 WD M20

I found this WD M20 in France. It is a matching engine and frame number bike. It still has quite a few of the rare bits fitted. Under the black paint the original colour showed (KG nr. 3). Given that is has never undergone a rebuild, it is quite likely a Dunkirk survivor because it also doesn’t have any divisional markings. Currently it is partly painted. I still have to refurbish the forks. The engine and gearbox have been rebuilt. I was planning on having it finished for the 75th anniversary of D-Day but that proved too ambitious.